A live multimedia spectacle that takes you on a journey through the extraordinary career of one of the greatest innovators in the music world: David Bowie.

You will be taken on a roller coaster of music and emotions through the different eras in which Bowie dominated the stages STATIONTOSTATION knows how to interpret these eras excellently. The visuals are created by the band's drummer and visual artist. They consist of original videos with recognizable elements that turn the show into something unique, never before shown by a Dutch Bowie tribute.

STATIONTOSTATION is a professional Bowie tribute with an idiosyncratic show. Everything comes together and makes sense with this band: the voice, the visuals and the sound.

Photos on this page: Nick van Dijk Photography


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Bowie: De bekende hits en verborgen juweeltjes van David Bowie. Een live
multimedia spektakel!, STATIONTOSTATION – A Tribute to David Bowie. 
David Robert Jones OAL (8 January
1947 – 10 January 2016), known professionally as
 David Bowie (was an English
singer-songwriter and actor. A leading figure in
the music industry, Bowie is regarded as one of the most influential musicians
of the 20th century. He was acclaimed by critics and musicians, particularly
for his innovative work during the 1970s. His career was marked by reinvention
and visual presentation, with his music and stagecraft having a significant
impact on
popular music


developed an interest in music as a child. He studied art,
music and design before embarking on a professional career as a musician in
1963. “Space
“, released in 1969, was his first top-five
entry on the UK
Singles Chart
. After a period of experimentation, he
re-emerged in 1972 during the glam
 era with his flamboyant and androgynous alter
. The character was spearheaded by the success
of Bowie’s single “Starman
and album The
Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
which won him widespread popularity. In 1975, Bowie’s style shifted towards a
sound he characterised as “plastic
“, initially alienating many of his UK fans
but garnering him his first major US crossover success with the number-one
single “Fame
and the album Young
. In 1976, Bowie starred in the cult film The
Man Who Fell to Earth
, directed by Nicolas
, and released Station
to Station
. In 1977, he further confounded
expectations with the electronic-inflected
album Low,
the first of three collaborations with Brian
 that came to be known as the “Berlin
“. “Heroes” (1977)
and Lodger (1979)
followed; each album reached the UK top